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Existing Knowledge Base Articles

In-place distribution upgrade to openSUSE 42.3 LeapAdem AydinFeb 15, 2018
Distribution upgrade from openSUSE 42.2 to 42.3 LeapAdem AydinFeb 15, 2018
Distribution upgrade to openSUSE 42.3 Leap (includes ClamAV update)Adem AydinFeb 07, 2018
Code 60: User cannot verify via Cryptshare for OutlookAdem AydinFeb 05, 2018
Distribution upgrade to openSUSE 42.2 LeapBohdan DulyaJan 31, 2018
Automatic in-place distribution upgrade to openSUSE 42.3 LeapBohdan DulyaJan 31, 2018
Moving to a new ApplianceMarc HofmannJan 31, 2018
Freeing Disk Space on a Cryptshare ServerRené HartwigJan 30, 2018
Installation of an existing SSL certificate (e.g. wildcard SSL certificate)Bohdan DulyaJan 12, 2018
Fixing the Log-Rotation after Upgrade to openSUSE 13.2Marc HofmannDec 13, 2017
Configuring network cardBohdan DulyaDec 07, 2017
Activate Backup-Rotation on Cryptshare Appliances under openSUSEMarc HofmannSep 11, 2017
The requested public SSL certificate cannot be importedBohdan DulyaJul 04, 2017
Configuring language and keyboard layoutBohdan DulyaJun 21, 2017
Configuring Postfix mail serverBohdan DulyaApr 27, 2017
Configuring the Cryptshare Appliance to use a proxy serverBohdan DulyaApr 11, 2017
The internal IP address is revealed in HTTP1.0René HartwigMar 13, 2017
Appliance is not available after upgrading to openSUSE 13.2Bohdan DulyaJan 23, 2017
Free disc space is lower than the maximum transfer sizeRené HartwigJan 13, 2017
The policy rule setting for the maximum transfer size was not setRené HartwigJan 13, 2017



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