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About this update method

The preconfigured CS4N application V2.10.2 (NSF) included in the update package is installed on your Domino-Server and the customer specific settings are adjusted afterwards.

When updating older versions of CS4N (<2.10.1), check all configuration settings for completeness and add the missing settings if necessary.


  1. Create a local Notes copy (File - Application - New copy...) of the productive CS4N application (backup copy).
  2. Stop Domino Server and deposit Cryptshare4Notes-2.10.2.jar file on the server.
  3. Copy new CS4N version 2.10.1 from the update package to the Domino server.
  4. Start the Domino Server
  5. Import Status-Documents, ACL and old configuration
  6. Check the new settings
  7. Delete local backup copy

  • The CS4N version 2.10.2 is compatible with Domino Server version 9.0.1 FP8 running the Java version 1.8.0 (Compatibility table).
  • The backup data import also works for versions < 2.10.0. However, please check all configuration settings for completeness after the import, as a number of new setting options have been added with version 2.10.1 and higher.

Please see the Release Notes for the list of additions and changes.

Required files

File nameFunctionFile format

-T-Cryptshare Log V2.10.2.ntf

CS4N Log Template (ntf)   

Notes Template ODS 51

-T-Cryptshare Forwarder V2.10.2.ntf

CS4N Forwarder Template (ntf)   

Notes Template ODS 51
-T-Cryptshare Library V2.10.2.ntf

CS4N Library Template (ntf)  

Notes Template ODS 51
Cryptshare V2.10.2.nsf

Pre-configured application
(The new e-mail texts within the application are relevant for the update)

Notes Application ODS 51
Cryptshare4Notes-2.10.2.jarJava API      Dominoserver ↔ CS-WEB ServerJAVA file

Update Checklist

This checklist is intended as a guide for the administrator to update the "Cryptshare for Notes" (CS4N) applications to version 2.10.2 step by step.

Cryptshare for Notes application (cryptshare.nsf)

  • Unzip the ZIP file (update package) and sign the Notes templates (* .ntf) and the application (* .nsf).
  • Create a local backup copy (Notes menu: "File -> Application -> New copy...") of the currently productive CS4N application.
  • Delete the current productive CS4N application and replace it with the new Cryptshare.nsf from the update package.
  • Stop the Domino server on which Cryptshare for Notes is running to perform the following three steps:

    • Delete the file Cryptshare4Notes-<Version>.jar from the <Domino program directory>/jvm/lib/ext

    • Copy the file Cryptshare4Notes-V2.10.2.jar from the update package into the <Domino program directory>/jvm/lib/ext directory.

    • Copy (by operating system) the new CS4N application V2.10.2 (NSF file) to the Domino Server in the same location from which you deleted the old CS4N version in the previous step. Give this copy the same file name as the previously deleted CS4N application.
  • Start the Domino Server
  • In the Notes Administrator Client, perform a fixup and compact with the default settings on the new CS4N application.
  • Start the new CS4N application.
  • Start the data import to apply the configuration settings of the previously saved CS4N application.
    (Notes menu: Actions → Cryptshare for Notes → Import backup data from external CS4N application ... ")
  • After the import, open the CS4N configuration and check the following CS4N settings:
  • Finally, sign all CS4N applications again for security.

CS4N LOG and CS4N Forwarder Application

Update the following applications with the supplied templates:

  • Log Application
    • Update the application with the supplied template. There are no settings to make in the application.
    • Delete all LOG entries from the CS4N log application. Navigation entry: "Delete all LOG entries"
  • Forwarder Application
    • Only if you are using it. Update the application with the supplied template. No settings need to be made in the application.

CS4N E-Mail Integration

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