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A JAR file (Java API) named "Cryptshare4Notes-<version>.jar" has to be placed into the directory "<Domino Program Directory>\jvm\lib\ext" on the IBM Domino Server. This API file is required to establish communication between Cryptshare for Notes and the Cryptshare Server.

After having placed the file into the directory, you will have to re-start the Domino Server to make the JAVA API functionality available to the Domino Server .

If you already have Cryptshare for Notes installed, you may not be able to delete a previous version of "Cryptshare4Notes-<version>.jar" as it may be in use by the process "scontroller.exe" or other Domino Services. End any remaining services using the Windows Task Manager to gain access.

The JAR file "Cryptshare 4 Notes <version> .jar" is present in the respective installation ZIP file and also stored in the Compatibility table. 

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