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Use this feature to set up a monitoring for the lay times of messages and the run times of the agents used to transfer files to the Cryptshare Server. This is important for the sender or the assigned administrator to be notified in case of problems.


The check against agent runtime is always performed before the check against document lay time. If the upload process for a file (i.e. the agent's run time) exceeds the time period specified in the field "Escalation after", the specified recipients will be informed. This may have various reasons, e.g. load peaks on the Cryptshare Server or connection failure.

Lay time

The check against document lay time is always performed after the check against agent runtime.

If a message has been sent via Cryptshare and the specified time limit for it to be processed by CS4N is exceeded, the designated users will be notified. This may be due e.g. to a load peak on the server or a connection failure.

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