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About Language Packages

By default Cryptshare is shipped in English and German for the User and Administration Interface.
Additional language packages for the User Interface can be obtained from this page
and installed via the Administration Interface.
It is also possible to create customized language packages to add further languages or modify the existing ones.

Compatible Cryptshare Server VersionsRelease DateLanguage Packs


















Default Language/Fallback Language 

When you open the Cryptshare User Interface in the browser, it will use the language which is configured as preferred content language in the browser.
If there is no corresponding language pack installed on the Cryptshare Server, the fallback language will be used. The fallback language for the server is English (en).

Update language packages

With the Cryptshare version 4.2.x the handling of language package during update to new server version has changed.  A Cryptshare update ships with all supported language packages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Swedish) and automatically will update existing language packages of this languages to newest version if it has changed.

Additional language packages beside the supported ones are not touched if only the minor version of the language package has changed (i.e. for correct spelling mistakes), but will be removed if there is a major change (structure of language package changed).

Changes to previous Versions

With the introduction of HTML Email Layouts in v3.10, handling of language packages has changed. This includes the following changes:

  • For each Cryptshare Product a separate language package can be installed
  • Registering of language packages is now detached from the database
    • --> Language packages can therefore also be managed via the file system

      Please do only manage language packages directly from the file system if you're encountering any problems with the Administration Interface.

  • Improved interface for installing and removing language packages
  • Improved mechanisms for validating the compatibility of language packages with the server.

Bitte die Sprache für den Titel beachten!

Bitte die Sprache für den Titel beachten!

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