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Applies to:

All versions of Cryptshare Server


This article describes how to install an already existing SSL certificate (e.g. wildcard SSL certificate) to your Cryptshare Server


  1. Create new Java-Keystore with KeyStore Explorer

2. Select JKS for new KeyStore type

3. Import the available SSL certificate

4. Select the certificate format, e.g. pkcs12 (.pfx) or OpenSSL (.crt, .cer, .pem)

5. Use the default password 'CA0AZhuFM4NogQh', to import the key pair

6. Import and check the certificate chain

7. Save the KeyStore

8. Use the default password 'CA0AZhuFM4NogQh', to save the KeyStore

9. Install the created KeyStore on the Cryptshare Server Setting up an SSL Certificate#InstallingtheKeystoreontheCryptshareServer