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Applies to:

All Versions of Cryptshare


If your Cryptshare Server is highly frequented it is sometimes necessary to improve the performance of the server.


 1. Update Cryptshare Server

Since the performance improves with every new Cryptshare version, it is advisable to update to the latest version of Cryptshare

 2. Check system hardware

If your system is always under high load you need to increase the system hardware (CPU cores & RAM) of your Cryptshare Server.

Check your system performance with the following commands:

Windows: open task manager and switch tab to performance

Linux: enter command htop

If you are running you Cryptshare Server on a virtual appliance it is also advisable to set up hardware version to the latest version!

 3. Assing more memory to Cryptshare application

The Cryptshare Application uses 25% of your system memory for default.

To set-up more memory (at least 50%) for Cryptshare Application follow these steps:

  1. open launcher.ini (/opt/cryptsahre-3/launcher.ini) with text editor
  2. Add the Xms flag to the launcher.ini file: -Xms<size>
  3. Add the Xmx flag to the launcher.ini file: -Xmx<size>
  4. restart the Cryptshare Service/Daemon rccryptshare restart


If your system has 8GB memory and you want use 50% (4GB) for Cryptshare Application enter the following values:

 4. Change Guest OS settings

For Cryptshare Server running on vSphere the Guest OS settings should be set to the newest version provided by your vSphere

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