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Backup Contents

Select the contents you would like to backup. The backup system allows a rollback to previous Cryptshare versions (not older than v3.10.2.0). It provides the possibility to restore all contents of a backup via the Administration Interface.

System Files - ROLLBACK

The Cryptshare installation itself.


The database which contains transfer meta-data, server settings, transfer logs, etc.

Transfers - TRANSFER

The transfer files for transfers which are currently active.

  • Contents marked with ROLLBACK are required for performing a system rollback.
  • Contents marked with TRANSFER are required for being able to restore transfers (so they can be retrieved again).

Compatibility with older backups

With version, the backup system has been refactored and is no longer compatible with backups created with previous versions of Cryptshare Server.

Table of Contents

Naming Convention

Define the pathname of the target directory the files should be backed up to. Define a name snippet which will be complemented by the date and time if you enable the two options to identify the backup file on the target directory.

Please note that if you do not select the options 'date' and 'time', the backup will be overwritten as soon as the next backup is being performed.

As the default backup directory lies within the Cryptshare installation directory, it can be useful to change it to another location as backups can grow very large, especially if transfer backup is enabled.

Backup Task

The backup task is performing backups of the system on a daily basis. It will use the settings that have been made in this section.

If you want to change the execution time of the backup task, please refer to Scheduled Tasks.

Instant Backup

You can instantly trigger a backup without permanently changing the settings for the backup task. Simply choose the settings you prefer and click the button 'Perform backup now' without clicking on 'Save changes'. The changes you have made will only apply to the backup triggered manually.


The restore section lists all backups made since the server was updated to v3.10.2.0 or higher. Select the backup you want to restore in order to see the backup contents. If a content cannot be selected, it is not included in this backup.

Backups prior to v3.10.2.0 are incompatible

Please note that backups made with previous Cryptshare versions will neither be listed here nor are they compatible with the new restore-system.

Possible conflicts for certain backups

In certain situations backup contents may not be compatible with the system or vice versa. This means that in some situations a backup cannot be restored anymore or can only be restored if specific contents are restored with it.


A new database has been introduced with v3.10.3.0.

  1. The Cryptshare Server is on version working with a database of version 2.0
  2. A backup of server version is selected and the checkbox for restoring the system files

--> As the database version for is newer than the database version of v3.10.2.0 this backup can only be restored if the database is restored as well.
If this backup doesn't contain a database, it cannot be restored.

Automated Backup Cleanup

With v3.12 of the Cryptshare Server a cleanup mechanism for old backups has been introduced. It allows two methods on how the files for the deletion are taken into consideration:

  • Deletion by amount: The last x backup files will be left on the system. All other files will be removed
  • Deletion by age: Files older than x days will be deleted. All other files will be kept.

By default the automated cleanup service is active. Disable the respective checkbox in order to disable auto-cleanup.

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