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About this update method

In this method, the pre-configured CS4N application V2.10.0 (NSF) from the update package is installed on your Domino server and the customer-specific settings are made in the following.


  • Less time required as Update Method 2 - Template Update.
  • Automatic update of all e-mail templates for sending the CS4N notifications.
  • When updating older versions than V2.9.1, all new and relevant configuration presets have already been made.
  • In the case of a problem, it is possible at any time to perform a rollback to the backed up previous CS4N application.


  • CS4N Application is unavailable for the time of the update.


  • Create a Notes copy (File - Application - New Copy ...) of the productive CS4N application as a backup copy.
  • Copy the CS4N application v2.10.0 from the update package to the Domino server.
  • Transfer individual customer-specific settings from the backed-up, previous CS4N application to the new CS4N application.


The CS4N version 2.10.0 is compatible with Domino Server version 9.0.1 FP8 running the Java version 1.8.0 (Compatibility table).

titleRelease Notes

Please see the Release Notes for the list of additions and changes.

Required files

File nameFunctionFile format

-T-Cryptshare Log V2.10.0.ntf

CS4N Log Template (ntf)   

Notes Template ODS 51

-T-Cryptshare Forwarder V2.10.0.ntf

CS4N Forwarder Template (ntf)   

Notes Template ODS 51
-T-Cryptshare Library V2.10.0.ntf

CS4N Library Template (ntf)  

Notes Template ODS 51
Cryptshare V2.10.0.nsf

Pre-configured application
(The new e-mail texts within the application are relevant for the update)

Notes Application ODS 51
Cryptshare4Notes-2.10.0.jarJava API      Dominoserver ↔ CS-WEB Server
Theme graphicsFolder containing various designs for the CS4N application

Update Checklist

This checklist is intended as a guide for the administrator to perform the update of the "Cryptshare for Notes" (CS4N) applications to version 2.10.0. The checklist contains the most important activities and steps to be checked during the update.

Cryptshare for Notes application (cryptshare.nsf)

  •  Create a backup copy (as a Notes copy using File - Application - New copy) of the currently productive CS4N application. The customer-specific settings can then be transferred manually from this copy into the new CS4N application later on.
  •  Delete the currently productive CS4N application.
  •  Copy (via operating system) the new CS4N application V2.10.0 (NSF file) to the same location from which you deleted the old CS4N version in the previous step.
  •  Stop the Domino server
    •  Delete the file Cryptshare4Notes-<Version>.jar from the <Domino Program Dir>/java/lib/ext directory.
    •  Copy the new file Cryptshare4Notes-2.10.0.jar to the <Domino Program Dir>/java/lib/ext directory.
  •  Start the Domino server
  •  Rename the filename of the new CS4N application so that it is the same as the filename of the previously deleted application.
  •  Sign the new CS4N application.
  •  Check and adjust the ACL Settings for CS4N application.
  •  Configure and verify the customer-specific CS4N settings:
    •  Tab "General"
      •  In the <LOG Application> section, set the LOG application.
      •  In the <Notes Directory section, select the Domino Directory (names.nsf).
      •  If necessary, configure the Forwarder application in the <Forwarder Application> section.
      •  Update the tabs "Cryptshare File Upload", "Agent Monitoring - Cryptshare LOG-DB" and "Agent Monitoring - Cryptshare Forwarder". Pay particular attention to the e-mail recipient addresses!
    •  Sub-Tab "Domino Server Settings"
      •  Use the "Update" button to update the displayed data of the Domino server.
    •  Sub-Tab "Access Control"
    •  Sub-Tab "Miscellaneous"Sub-Tab "CS4N Icon Installation"
      •  Define in which smart icon bar the CS4N icon was installed. The entries should be the same in the old and new CS4N version.
    •  Tab "Cryptshare Server"
      •  Enter your Cryptshare Server URL.
      •  Define your proxy settings if required.
      •  Enter the directory for your file.
      •  Enter the directory for the interface files.
      •  Save and re-load the Client ID information using the "Update" button.
      •  Save again and check the connection to the Cryptshare server by clicking the "Refresh" button in the line "Minimum password length". If the update is completed with a success message, you have access to the Cryptshare server.
    •  Tab "Rules"
    •  Tab "Rights"
    •  Tab "Time Monitoring"
      •  Enter the administrator's email address on the tabs "Message Laytime" and "Agent Runtime"
    •  Tab "Error Handling"
      •  Enter the administrator's email address on the tabs "Notification Scheme 1" and "Notification Scheme 2".

    Save the configuration settings and restart the CS4N application.

  •  To ensure that the history of the sent transfers is also present in the new installation, you must copy all the status documents from the old CS4N version into the new CS4N version.

      On the initial screen of the old CS4N application, go to the view "E-Mail" --> "by Status", and copy all the status documents into the new CS4N application.


    Finally, sign all CS4N applications again for security.

Cryptshare for Notes LOG and Cryptshare for Notes Forwarder Application

Update the following applications:

Cryptshare for Notes E-Mail Integration

titleTable of Contents

Table of Contents

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