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SpaceCS4NH:Checkliste Installation

  •  Set up the ACL in the CS4N application
  •  Set up the ACL in the CS4N Log application
  •  Sign the CS4N template
  •  Sign the CS4N application (delivered pre-configured)
  •  Sign the CS4N Log template
  •  Create the CS4N Log application from the CS4N Log template
  •  Copy the .jar file to the Domino Server and restart the Domino Server
  •  If the Cryptshare Server uses a private (self-generated) SSL certificate, this needs to be added to the Domino Server Key Ring File
  •  Enable TLS 1.2 
  •  Open Cryptshare.nsf with a user that has the role "Administrator" and perform the following settings in the database setup:
    •  Configure the LOG DB settings
    •  Set up the File Upload Agent
    •  Configure the agent monitoring
    •  Set Internet E-Mail Addresses
    •  Set up access rights on the "Miscellaneous" Tab
    •  Set up the user interface language
    •  Set up e-mail archiving settings
    •  Set up Cryptshare Server connection settings
    •  Register Client ID on Cryptshare Server
    •  Define Operating Mode and notification language
    •  Set up server-side rules (depending of operating mode used)
    •  Set up size limits for sending and saving of e-mails.
    •  Set up e-mail texts and settings for the e-mail sender
    •  Set up e-mail texts and settings for the e-mail recipient
    •  Set up time monitoring
    •  Set up error handling
  •  Open the CS4N Log Application as Administrator
  •  Perform the following settings in the CS4N Log Database:
    •  Set up Log Application settings
    •  Set up Log Monitoring
    •  Set up Log Error Notification
    •  Set up Agent Monitoring
  •  After having configured both applications (Cryptshare.nsf and Cryptshare-Log.nsf) sign both applications
  •  Optional: Roll out the Cryptshare Toolbar Icon to the Notes Clients

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Table of Contents

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