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Cryptshare supports the use of the Outlook function "Delegate Access". This applies to both the "Send on behalf of" and "Send as" functions. The sender is displayed to the recipient of the transfer as configured by the e-mail server based on the permissions granted.

The Cryptshare server makes technical differences in terms of verification, transfer policy and logging. This depends on whether the representative has access to the sender's inbox or not.

Below is a list of whether the representative or mailbox owner will be used to process the transfer on the Cryptshare server.

VerifizierungTransfer Policy

Transfer Log

Representative has access to the inbox

The e-mail address of the mailbox owner will be used for verification.The policies applicable to the mailbox owner are applied.

The mailbox owner is logged as the sender.

Representative does not have access to the inboxThe e-mail address of the representative will be used for verification.The policies applicable to the representative are applied.

The representative is logged as the sender.

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