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The Terms of Use that are defined under the Legal tab on the Cryptshare Server administration website can be downloaded by the Client, so that they can be presented to a user in a client side application. The Terms of Use can be downloaded using the Client's method requestTermsOfUse(). The method returns a Map<String,String> containing the Terms of Use texts as the values, and their corresponding language codes as the keys.

Example: Requesting the Terms of Use
// First create the Client instance
// Create a WebServiceUri for your Cryptshare Server 
WebServiceUri serviceUri = new WebServiceUri("");
// Create a CryptshareConnection instance for your WebServiceUri
CryptshareConnection connection = new CryptshareConnection(serviceUri);
// Create the Client instance with the sender's email address, 
// the CryptshareConnection, and the path to the verification store.
Client client = new Client("", connection, "C:\temp");

// Request the Terms of Use
Map<String,String> terms = client.requestTermsOfUse();

for (Entry<String,String> entry : terms.entrySet()) {
	System.out.println("Terms of use for language '" + entry.getKey() + "': " + entry.getValue());


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