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About Tags in Subject Lines for Auto-Processed Messages

To trigger the rule-based processing of messages, you have the option to add a text tag into the subject line of a message before sending. This tag has to be made known to the CS4N Application and will be removed again from the subject line automatically during processing, so the recipient receives the original subject text set by the sender. The tag can either be added manually to the subject line by the sender or it can be added automatically using a control element added to the HCL Notes Mail Template.

Option 1 - No integration into personal mail file

The sender can enter the tag into the subject line. If a Domino server-side rule exists that checks for the tag in the subject line, the e-mail will be forwarded to Cryptshare.nsf if the tag is found in the subject.

However, you should consider the settings concerning how Cryptshare should deal with attachments. If the setting is set to only send messages with attachments, messages containing the tag but no attachments will still be delivered as standard e-mails. The sender cannot be made aware of this in advance.

If all messages (with and without attachments) should be delivered via CS4N, the Domino Server rule only needs to check for the subject line. In this case you need to configure CS4N so that messages that are processed based on rules are sent as complete encrypted messages (Send complete message as EML file).

If messages without attachments should also be sent as encrypted EML files, the outbound messages have to contain the text field CSEMLBodyOptions and the field value has to be "0". Also the option "Send complete message as EML file" has to be selected in the field E-Mail handling in case of rule based processing on the Sub-Tab "Rule-based processing".

Option 2 - Integration into the Memo Form of the personal mail file

If the sender sends the message from his personal mail file (see Integration into personal mail files) using the option "As Cryptshare messge" (text label configurable), the defined tag will automatically be added to the subject line of the outbound message. The Domino Server rule checks the subject line for the tag and forwards the message into Cryptshare.nsf if applicable.

When sending from the personal mail file, the system checks which configuration settings in CS4N apply for sending rule-based e-mail messages.

Depending on the configuration of CS4N, the Domino server rules may have to be adapted.

 The Domino router server task should be restarted after each change.