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Applies to:

Cryptshare Server from version


This is an example of the possibilities for updating Cryptshare manually


  1. contact our support and tell us which Cryptshare version is currently installed
  2. the support team will provide you with the corresponding update package
  3. download the update package and unpack it into <Cryptshare installation folder>/tmp/update

    Cryptshare appliance

    On a Cryptshare appliance you can unzip the update package into the required folder using the following command

    unzip -d /opt/cryptshare-3/tmp/update
  4. create a backup of the current version
  5. stop the Cryptshare service

    rccryptshare stop
  6. open the shell
  7. change into the <Cryptshare installation> folder

    cd /opt/cryptshare-3
  8. change the permissions for java file (for the Linux systems only)

    chmod 755 tmp/update/jre/linux/bin/java
  9. run the following command in order to install the update

    tmp/update/jre/linux/bin/java -jar tmp/update/updater.jar
    tmp\update\jre\windows\bin\java.exe -jar tmp\update\updater.jar
  10. start the Cryptshare service again

    rccryptshare start