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The "Next" button does not respond when trying to perform a verificationAdem AydinMay 10, 2019
Repository appears to be outdatedAlexander LaknerApr 03, 2019
A server setting does not apply due to it being overruled by a policy settingRené HartwigMar 28, 2019
When sending the password via SMS, an exception with the message "The password is not set" is shownAdem AydinMar 28, 2019
Swedish Cryptshare SMS does not contain transfer passwordAdem AydinMar 28, 2019
How to disable the Cryptshare Office Share add-inAdem AydinMar 22, 2019
Mails can not be sent with enabled SPFAlexander LaknerMar 22, 2019
Moving to a new ApplianceMarc HofmannMar 19, 2019
Error code 5000Alexander LaknerMar 14, 2019
Error message "Some components of Cryptshare for Outlook V2 don't support [...]" when launching Outlook with the Add-inAdem AydinFeb 27, 2019
Exception with message "LoadServerSettingsOnStartupAsync" is thrown when launching OutlookAdem AydinFeb 27, 2019
Cryptshare for Outlook does not recognize the incoming verification e-mailAdem AydinFeb 27, 2019
Performance issues with Outlook when using Cryptshare for Office 365 & OutlookAdem AydinJan 21, 2019
Cryptshare doesn't start after rollback to previous versionBohdan DulyaJan 04, 2019
Error message related to "com.befine_solutions.createsendtocontextentryexe" after Windows loginAdem AydinJan 02, 2019
Several "Get List Of All User Account Exception" errors in the log fileAdem AydinJan 02, 2019
Cryptshare service is not starting on Linux serverBohdan DulyaJan 02, 2019
Start failed after SSL keystore installationBohdan DulyaJan 02, 2019
KeyNotFoundException after confirming the transfer dialog of a Cryptshare transferAdem AydinNov 23, 2018
Error message "System Error. Code: 18." when performing Cryptshare transferAdem AydinNov 12, 2018



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